Burn It to Earn It: The Girl Scout Cookie Edition

By , Melissa Rudy, Health & Fitness Journalist
There are certain things you can't escape in March: Green beer, spring cleaning, basketball brackets…and Girl Scout cookies. You don't have to live with a scout—or even know one—to feel the pressure to indulge. Between grocery-store stands and sweet-talking co-workers, not even the most disciplined dieter is safe from the sugary temptation.
Whether you're a sucker for Samoas or visions of (not-so) Thin Mints are dancing in your head, moderation is key. Before "just a couple" turns into an entire sleeve, take a look at how much exercise you'll have to do to burn off each serving.

*Calories burned information based on person weighing 155 pounds.

Want to enjoy the flavor of Girl Scout cookies without the extra calories and sugar? Try these homemade recipes and substitute your favorite healthy ingredient swaps.
What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Is it worth the extra calorie burn?

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Has anybody ever sank their teeth into a "caramel deLites"?
My girlfriend was convinced to buy a 2 boxes, yuck!
I'd b surprised to see anybody in-their-right-mind in the GirlScouts enjoying a box of those cookies! Report
The reason it isn't worth it for me is that I can't stop once I eat a couple. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes I could eat two mints and leave it at that, but it is getting harder and harder for me, so I avoid the Girl Scout cookies. Report
It may just be me, but I avoid the cookies at at all costs. I live alone and there's no one to share with!! I'm lucky. I don't have kids or friends with kids who push them. I have learned that most stores only allow the cookie/candy/whatever sales to happen at one entrance to the store, so I to to the other entrance. I do believe that they still support the military, in that you can 'buy' a box and have them sent to a nearby base. But I'm not sure about that. Report
We try to teach our kids to eat a healthy diet---then pressure them to sell items that are not good for us or them. Report
This is nothing. Try being a Girl Scout leader who has 4 cookie booths lined up for the next two days. I have 24 CASES of these cookies sitting on my table for tomorrow. The temptation is even worse! Report
Give me a break! Spark, how about hiring writers that don't promote this garbage. We should be able to eat a damn cookie without thinking about how much we have to work out afterwards. Enjoy a cookie or two and move on. I've had a box of GS cookies on my desk at work for over two weeks. My coworkers and I have no problem only eating 1 or 2 every once in a while because we don't make each other feel guilty for doing so. Report
Well this blog puts it in your face! Now that I've seen the calories vs burning off times...it's not worth eating a cookie, they're not THAT good! Report
I love SP, and I'm really sad today to see this article prominently on the front page, I want to be able to log in and track points and stuff without seeing gigantic photos of cookies when I do! Really would love it if you keep photos like that off the page for those of us who are trying to stay away from temptation, thank you! Report
My box of Thin Mints say it is 140 calories for 4 cookies. Just saying... lol Report
CoffeeMate has the flavor of several Girl Scout cookie choices in their creamers for only 35 calories per tablespoon. Enjoy the taste of your favorite in your coffee! Report
I've always been a sucker for Thin Mints and Trefoils. Now I know how many I can eat after my yoga classes! Actually I could eat one more, as I do 75 minutes of yoga. Report
Oh my! I'm due to pick up my order tomorrow. I will definitely be sharing mine! Report
We buy GS cookies from our granddaughter and donate them to our Senior Dance club we attend every Thursday morning. They appreciate it and we don't overindulge! Report
So much easier for me to just NOT buy them in the first place. We don't keep sweets in the house, other than mango sorbet, which I eat sparingly. Report
Oh, I am able to pass on the Girl Scout cookies with no problem. I do make a donation to the girls. And, for my body, smart snacking means no snacking between meals and no eating after dinner. Three square meals a day supports my health best. Best wishes to others discovering what supports them best! Report
Selling unhealthy foods to raise money for a worthy cause might be a tradition, but it doesn't appeal to me. I won't be coerced into buying junk food just to support the Girl Scouts. I'd rather send a check to support a good cause. Report
I love GS cookies. I am glad to see how much I get to workout for the calories I eat! Great article! Report
Please don't let quality or calories stop you from supporting this very important opportunity for girls. Your money has more value beyond the box of cookies itself. You can always donate what you buy instead of taking them home with you. Most troops give donated boxes to the local food pantry, PADS, or the military. Report
I love about 1/2 of the different kinds of cookies that they sell. I bought about 6 boxes of cookies. My husband ate most of them. I had a few tagalongs and ate most of 1 pkg. of the thanksalot but I did it over a 2 week period. That's good for me cause I could eat a whole pkg in one setting! Report
I love them and they are completely worth the splurge. I also love the mission of the Girl Scouts and am happy to help them out through buying cookies. Report
I have to agree with dawnpv.. Once could not wait and ate them ravenously..... Now diminished quality and increased price so can easily walk right by... My own cookies?? That is another story still leave homemade cookies Report
They are definitely not worth it. Luckily for me, the quality has gone down so much over the years that I am no longer tempted by them. Now, homemade versions . . . that's a different story! ;) Report