Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes!

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People often say that they don't have time to exercise, but I disagree. Everyone can spare 10 minutes a day to work out. One of my personal goals is to do something active every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes. So even on my busiest days, I won't make excuses. And I definitely won't convince myself that 10 minutes is too little to really matter. Ten minutes DOES matter—and it really does add up to big benefits for your body. If all you only did 10 minutes of exercise per day, that's 70 minutes and potentially 700+ calories that you could burn over the course of a week.
So when you're short on time and can only muster a short workout, intensity is key. Work harder for the most benefit and the biggest calorie burn for your buck. Really make those minutes count! Here are tons of workouts that burn around 100 calories (or more) in just 10 minutes, while also strengthening your heart and lungs and helping your blast stress. Now THAT is a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes of your time.

20 Ways Burn 100 Calories* in 10 Minutes
  1. Cycling (12+ mph) or mountain biking
  2. Racquetball
  3. Running (at least 12 minutes per mile)
  4. Swimming laps or treading water
  5. Playing basketball
  6. Spinning class or stationary biking
  7. Rowing
  8. Boxing
  9. Martial arts
  10. Digging (heavy yard work)
  11. Jumping rope (continuously)
  12. Jumping jacks
  13. Rock climbing
  14. Walking on the treadmill (at least 4 mph with a 5% incline)
  15. Water jogging
  16. Kettlebell training
  17. SparkPeople's Jump Start Cardio workout
  18. SparkPeople's Bootcamp Cardio workout
  19. SparkPeople's Kickboxing workout
  20. SparkPeople's Jump Rope workout
*Calories burned estimates based on a 160-pound woman. Men and people who weigh more will typically burn more calories for the same activity.
What's your favorite way to burn a lot of calories in a little bit of time?

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Just ten minutes is my new mantra! Whenever I am idle, I am forcing myself to do something, for just 10 minutes, if I go more great, if not, I feel like I accomplished something really good for me in just 10 minutes. I am really thankful for this new view of working out. Report
I love to dance for 10 mins. Its a great way to get motivated and de-stress. Report
Love the 15 minute Cardio in a Crunch! Thanks Coach Nicole!!! Report
I'm going to commit to 10 minutes on the elliptical I just purchased. Since I'm not used to exercising on this machine, it's going to really challenge me, but that's exactly what I need! Report
We have had temps over 100 for more then a month so i have been doing 10 mins if fitness . Great atricle something i had not thought of . Report
Now I want a rebounder or mini-trampoline. Everyone makes them sound like so much fun! I didn't know that you could so many calories. Report
I like to start my day right out of bed with 5 lb free weights and I printed out Coach Nicole's Day One Bootcamp Workout so I have the pictures from her video right there on my closet door. That usually takes about 15 min and really gets me day started. Also, I try to get in some stair work on my 15 min morning and afternoon breaks at work. Report
great tip...10 minutes seems to easy!
This was incredibly helpful! Personally, I found at the gym that doing a brisk walk on the treadmill at a very high incline allowed me to burn more calories than my friend who ran the whole time. I try to ramp the incline up to ten and walk about 3 miles per hour and it seems to work. Report
i just joined i do cardio 5x a week and i am not really a runner but recently do run to burn the most calories i also love spinning too...
I am going to get a podometer ( I think thats what its called...the thing to track your steps) this weekend...because I have 10 minutes a few times a day. YAY Report
Bar Method is hands down my favorite low impact, extremely high intensity workout! I just tell myself not to try and run away from the pain, but to stay with the burn. :) Report
Thanks this is very helpful information. Report
I needed this! Report
I needed this! Report
These are great ideas. I agree with those that say most involve a gym or equipment not readily available at work, but any activity will help, even if you are not burning 100 calories in your 10 minutes. What if you burn only 50? That's 50 you wouldn't have burned otherwise.
I teach 2 days a week (2 different buildings). In both buildings, my room is upstairs as far from the office as it can be. I am usually efficient in my ways, combining errands to make as few trips somewhere as possible, but on teaching days, I see how many trips I can make to the office. I may need to make copies, check my mailbox, ask a question, etc. Each trip is a several minute walk up & down stairs. My other job is a business we own out in the country. On nice days, I eat a quick lunch and take a walk down to the end of our road and back. I may not be burning 100 calories doing that, but I AM burning some! Report
I love picking three exercises like burpies, mountian climbers and jump lunges and doing each for 1 min with a 30 second rest for 10 minutes. great workout in a short time. Report
I can find 10 minutes. Report
I read this when It was first put out and I am reading it again and it just gave me the want to get out on my treadmill. I work out 45 minutes a day and I think today anytime I get bored or notice I am on my behind to much I am going to get 10 minutes on the tread in. Ty for putting this out there again Report
will save this blog. Thanks for posting Report
This is terrific! added to my "saves" Report
I am adding this to my "saved" pile. Thank you! Report
I like using my treadmill if I have an extra 10 minutes. Report
Water jogging sounds nice I might try that tomorrow. Report
Take a Zumba Fitness dancing break every hour to overcome "sitting disease".
Use iPod, computer files, CD, You Tube videos for music. Can be done at home or discreetly at work :-) 5 minutes is good too. Report
I have ................10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
Every bit helps~ Report
What a GREAT topic!!! Thanks for busting down one of my most common excuses...."no time to work out"...SOOO right that even 10 minutes can be beneficial, given a higher intensity activity. And I notice, it's not so hard to stretch that into 15 minutes (for 150 calories burned)...heck, maybe even 20 (for 200 calories burned). Thanks for the motivation and clarity!!! Report
I used to love kumite HARD HARD kumite when you would stop your gi would be SO SOAKED in sweat the top would weigh 10+ lbs. Report
I loved it :D!! thank you! Report
I agree 100% with Crysl1975's comment above! Report
I agree that these are great suggestions but involve time to get to the gym. I know if I actually get into gym clothes and drive out to a place with a racquetball court, I'm going to be there for more than 10 minutes.

I do like SparkPeople's Jump Rope workout, but if I really want to kick my butt quickly, I do Tabata intervals. Okay, if you include a proper warm-up and cool-down, the whole thing takes 14 minutes -- 5 minutes to warm up, 4 minutes to do the exercises, and then 5 minutes to cool down.

Do 20 second intervals with 10 seconds of rest for four minutes using whatever bodyweight-only exercise you want. Simple squats, or jump squats if you want to make it hard, or pushups if you want an upper-body workout, or if you're in good shape and want to make it REALLY hard and full-body, burpees. I love kettlebells, and kettlebell swings also make a great full-body Tabata workout.

The thing is, those are intense interval workouts and really shouldn't be done every day.

Or just pick any single one of those exercises or a combination of two or three and see how many you can do in 10 minutes, resting as often as you need and dividing it into as many sets as you need. Then, maybe two weeks later, or even a month later, you can use that same little 10-minute workout as a milestone and do it again to see how many MORE reps you can pump out in 10 minutes!

The great thing about bodyweight stuff like that is it gets you outdoors and enjoying the beautiful sunny summer weather!

Oh goodness, I'm about to start a cycle of bodyweight workouts and I'm GEEKED to get out of the gym and into the sunshine and grassy lawns! Report
These are great - for people with time to run to the gym, change clothes and shower. How about 10-minute things to do during a break from a busy day at work! 10-minute walk around the office park, or up and down several flights of stairs inside the heated/air conditioned building; mini-weightlifting sessions with objects commonly found around the house or office; core exercises you can do in your desk chair or in the rest room; stuff like that. Obviously I have a FEW ideas, but it would be wonderful to hear what others find to get in some activity at the toughest times. Report
I do an eliptical at a level 6 and that burns at least 100 calories every 10 minutes and it engages both your arms and legs so its a great workout. Report
I love the water jogging. It is great. Plus it keeps you cool and saves those painful joints. About 4 years ago I blew out my knee it that is when I started water jogging. No knee pain what so ever. Love it and still do it. Report
That's very motivating. I can handle 10 minutes! Report
As much as doing 10 minutes of anything is a wonderful idea, if you are going to do something that is intense enough to burn the calories, you are supposed to warm up and cool down, right? So not to be a party-pooper, because I look for opportunities to burn calories during the work day too, but I think it is important for folks to be careful. You can't do just the10 minutes of intense exercise without at least 5 minutes of low intensity on either end. Report
This is an excellent article. I've been looking for shorter workouts I can do when I don't have time for a regular half hour workout.

The links that say "calories" and "workout" within the article however, go to a Pet Obesity site...Not sure if that is intended or not. Just a heads up. Report
First I want to say, I am not diabetic. But I have peripheral neuropathy. My right foot is held on with screws, nuts, plates, rods and bolts. I have prayed for the last 19+ years that I could have my feet helathy again. I would give anything to be able to do some of these exercises for just 10 minutes a day. So, I just do what I can on a daily basis and thank God that I can still get up everyday and do whatever I can. My favorite saying is "Just keep on doing what you can!"
Have a wonderful day! Report
I have arthritis in my feet so most of the ideas are just not possible ... anyone any ideas for quick workouts for me please Report
I work in a 12 story building, just going up and down all flights is a real 10 minute workout! Report
I have found the best gym. It is ladies only and circuit-based. They promote themselves with the slogan 30 minutes, 3 times a week. I was one of those who would say "I don't have time". With this system I have found I do have the time, and I enjoy it. And if I am running short of time I do one circuit instead of two - 15 minutes instead of 30. Although I find I'm often there for 45 minutes because I enjoy it so much. And it works - lots of short energy bursts alternating between cardio and weight bearing. Highly recommended :) Report
This is the kind of thing I need for work. 12 hour shifts make it hard to get something in. Most of these require some sort of preparation, which kind of defeats the purpose of a quickie workout. My knees and the "bounce factor" ;) eliminate jumping jacks and jump rope. The videos are great, and I've used them at home, unfortunately Youtube is blocked at work, even on the wifi. Then there's always the possibility of being interrupted as I'm the only one in the office overnight. Crumbs. I guess I'll stick with my 5 minute zip through the halls. That's about the most I can spend away from my desk. Anything is better than nothing, right? Report
If you jog on a Rebounder (small trampoline) for 10 mins that is equivalent to 30 mins jogging outside normally. Sounds great to me and quite good fun too. Report
I can do that! Thanks for all the tips. Report
These are great suggestions. I was amazed to learn that my hour long cycling class burns so many calories, but I guess I shouldn't have been because I always look like I've been swimming by the time it's over.

I'd like to add that many of the exercises in the Bodyrock (bodyrock.tv) program take up very little time, and they are also a great challenge. Report
Aquacise gets me sweating, plus the water resistance is great for strengthening! Report
I love ZUMBA. There are a lot of free videos on YouTube. Report
Thanks for all the good ideas. I have difficulty thinking of good things to do in short periods of time. Maybe if I schedule some mini-workouts into my day I can learn to utilize those short blocks of time more constructively. Report
Perfect squeeze it in stuff! Report