20 Better-Than-Takeout Recipes

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Takeout is tasty and convenient, but comes with high fat, sodium, and calories. Afterward, you may experience bloating or a tummy ache and have little idea what ingredients were used in the dish you purchased. Instead of surrendering control to your local drive-in, diner, or dive, use these SparkRecipes to cook your favorite take out dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. By doing the cooking yourself, you can use savory spices, health-smart ingredients, and improved cooking methods like baking and steaming that bring out the natural flavors in food. With the money you save, don’t forget to give yourself a little tip: you deserve a reward for a job well done!
Chicken Satay with Vegetables (Chef Meg's Makeover)

Crispy Baked Egg Rolls

Chef Meg's Spring Rolls
Pot Stickers (steamed wontons)

Baked Crab Rangoon

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Chef Meg's Makeover)

Chef Meg's 15-Minute Asian Beef Soup

Beef and Broccoli

California Roll in a Bowl

Sesame Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

Spicy Garlic Baby Bok Choy

Chef Meg's 15 Minute Ginger-Garlic Chicken

Chef Meg's Better than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

Crock Pot Sweet 'n Sour Chicken over Rice

Coach Nicole's Vegetable Fried (Brown) Rice

Pineapple Chicken Stir-Fry

Simple Beef Broccoli Stir Fry (crock pot/pan)

Spicy CrockPot Thai Chicken

Pumpkin & Lentil Curry

What are your favorite takeout style recipes and how have you made them healthy?
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MNABOY 6/27/2020
Thanks for sharing!
CECELW 6/24/2020
I love egg rolls. I need to learn how to make them Report
NIKO27 3/17/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
ELRIDDICK 9/30/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
GEORGE815 9/13/2019
Nice useful recipes Report
PETRA320 9/10/2019
Great ideas! Thank U!! Report
KNEESOCKS1945 8/28/2019
Deliciously improved. Report
ELRIDDICK 8/9/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
All great suggestions. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Looks like a great collection of recipes. Report
Thank you Awesome Report
Love all these recipes and only time I eat Chinese is maybe once or twice a month. I love egg rolls, crab Rangoon, and the beef and broccoli because I love the mushrooms in it. I also love the green beans they have there. I will definitely check these out. Yummy! Report
These recipes look so good! Report
Everything looks fantastic; and pretty easy to do. Report
Some really great ideas. I've "veganized" them by substituting tofu & vegetable broth & it works great. Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This looks great! Thank you! Report
So many new ideas. Report
thanks for sharing.... Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
thanks for sharing Report
Great options, thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you. Report
Healthier choices Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Some of these recipes look pretty good, will have to give them a try. Report
How do they live that long with consuming all that sodium throughout their lives. Report
Take-out food, especially the various Asian cuisines could be labeled "101 ways to enhance the flavor of salt" Order a Chinese entrée "hold the MSG" and it will taste like absolutely nothing. No taste at all! Report
All of those recipes look good!!! Report
These recipes look great! Report
Wow...I can't wait to try some of these recipes! Report
I absolutely love all these take out recipes! I can't wait to try them! Report
Our family really likes Chinese food, but we've had to recognize all the fats and calories - particularly an issue with my low carb hubby who doesn't like veggies. I am finding a few low carb Chinese meals and hope these might combine for my own use. This is a current issue for us and I need to cook and experiment more! Report
A whole bunch of these look amazing! I am in a big food rut, so I will have to give one a try :) Thank you! Report
I love potstickers! Report
Some of these look good. Might try one or two. Report
I will definitely try a few of these recipes. Report
Several of these that I am going to try. Thank you. Report
They look delicious. I am a vegetarian and I'll definitely try the vegetarian dishes. Yummy!!! Report
i love to make panda express chow mein. i use lo mein or whole wheat spaghetti instead of ramen, add spiraled zuccini noodles, and use more veggies than noodles. its yummy! even my kids love it Report
Sounds good to me. Always looking for something different Report
I like the idea of baking the egg rolls instead of frying them. I will definitely try that next time I make them. I have most of my meals at home because it is much less expensive. Also, since I am a vegetarian, I can modify the recipes when I fix them myself. Report