8 Resistance Training Exercises

By , Alyssa Shaffer, Woman's Day
Do you shy away from free weights at the gym? Thankfully, there are a slew of other ways to build your muscles that don’t require a pricey membership or bulky equipment. Besides the benefits of toning your body, resistance workouts help improve blood pressure and lower your diabetes risk. Strength training can also give you an  instant mood boost and help fight depression, much like a brisk walk or jog around the block does. Here are easy moves you can do at home and on the go. 

Do calf raises while you chat.

Whenever you're on the phone, press up onto the balls of your feet—use your free hand to hold the edge of a table for balance. Stay there for a few seconds, tighten glutes and abs, then lower down.

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ILOVEROSES 1/10/2020
Thank you Report
DEE107 11/24/2019
thanks Report
LEANJEAN6 9/30/2019
I too like it in one article--- Report
BIKERCHICK14 9/10/2019
lol, some ladies could seriously hurt themselves with those purse curls, how heavy some purses are ;) Report
CHERYLHURT 7/23/2019
Great Report
Some great information. Report
JANIMOEN 6/13/2019
My purse could easily double as a 10 pound dumbbell! Report
SPINECCO 5/2/2019
Thanks for the information. Report
SXB990 4/11/2019
Great article Report
RAZZOOZLE 3/21/2019
thank you Report
Great ideas Report
Thank you Report
great ideas Report
Great ideas. I believe I can do a few of these. Thank you! Report
Good article. Just had a thought. Do men ever get advised to fit in calf raises and purse hefts. Or is multi-tasking such a female thing? Report
Good information! Thank you for making it one page! I hate multi-page articles. Why do that? I would rather scroll. Report
I always try and get a few exercises in during commercials Report
love calf raises I do them with 80 lb. barbell. I also love chest flyes. Report
My favorite is Hip Flexors and Chest Press is close behind. I use Coach Nicole Videos so I get a great variety of strength training. I do moves that I probably wouldn't if I still was using my own plan. Thank you! Report
I agree with Jessicamas on the purse thing...grocery bags, on the other hand...
I do calf raises while I'm brushing my teeth...it also insures that I brush long enough. Pushups I do in 10 rep sets several times throughout the day. At the bathroom sink, at the kitchen counter, and against the wall. It's making a difference in my arm strength, but so far hasn't decreased my "bat wings". Report
You want an easy, inexpensive way to do strength training? There are plenty of body-weight exercises you can do. If you can do calf-raises, go ahead and do some squats as well. Push-ups however you can do them - if you need to do them leaning against a wall at first, then go get on it! Lean back against a desk or a chair and work in some triceps dips.
For me, I LOVE my exercise tubes/bands. I can do most, if not even more, moves with them than I can with traditional free-weights, and can travel with it without making my bags super heavy. A 20 lb resistance band weighs the same as a 5 lb resistance band. Report
My purse is very light. I don't carry big bags. I don't like them at all. Report
10 reps with your purse is not going to build muscle any more than doing multiple reps with little pink 3-4 lb dumbbells. I suppose initially it might help you get in the right mind set for exercise, but you are not going to see any real results, especially using an item you are already accustomed to carrying around anyway! Report