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8 New Ways to Get Fit, Firm and Fired Up

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Are you having trouble squeezing exercise into your busy days? Do you need a workout plan that is simple to follow, yet effective? Are you thinking about making fitness a part of your life, perhaps as a New Year's Resolution? Whether you need help starting a consistent fitness program or just want new ideas, my newest workout DVD, The Spark: Fit, Firm and Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day can help!

A couple months ago, I told you how you can get a free workout from this DVD by preordering The Spark. Today, I'm happy to share that this DVD is now available!

I designed all eight workouts for this DVD to compliment to our new book The Spark, and like that book, it will change how you view exercise. Both items will be available at a variety of online and retail outlets on December 29! But why wait? You can purchase this DVD (just $10.95) from The SparkPeople Store today—and get a jumpstart on your resolutions!

I am more proud of this new DVD than of all of the videos I have made so far. Similar in structure to the popular Bootcamp challenges that have been so successful at, this DVD features seven 10-minute workouts, one for each day of the week, plus a bonus15-minute cardio workout. There are two different workouts for each major muscle group (upper body, lower body and core) and it comes with a simple workout plan that explains which workouts to do on which days. You only need a pair of dumbbells to follow along, and like most of my workouts, it's highly suitable for beginners, while still giving options for people who are more advanced.

The whole point of the program is to make fitness a habit, to start a workout "streak" that lasts and get real results. It even includes several bonus features and training tips to help you get the most of your workout plan. My favorite workout on the DVD is called "Strengthen and Lengthen," and it's a yoga-Pilates fusion workout that you do at the end of each week for active recovery, light strength training and flexibility. If you don't want to follow the 7-day program, you can use the workouts on the DVD in a variety of workout combinations, some of which are programmed onto the menu for ideas.

Members who pre-ordered The Spark got a free preview of this new DVD. Here's what some of them had to say.
"Love it, love it, love it!!! The energy is great, the instructions are thorough, the enthusiasm in catching! There's no question Coach Nicole knows what she's talking about and obviously lives the principles she's teaching. Keep up the GREAT work!" –ANDREA0301

"The workout was straight-forward and to the point. None of the cheerleader rah-rah stuff (not that that's bad by itself, but it gets old after watching a routine more than a couple of times)." –CYSCOKITTY

"Wow! What a great workout! My abs are just screaming. I can't keep up with it, but I like that it isn't too easy. A great challenge! I must point out I love the backdrop and stage layout. The colors that were used are quite cheerful...a happy place to work out. Can't wait to see the whole DVD. I hope it is available for holiday gift giving, because I'll definitely put it on my wish list! Thanks Coach Nicole you've done a great job!" –ALEXIAAG
Use the Fit, Firm and Fired Up DVD in conjunction with The Spark to take your weight-loss and fitness to a new level! You can order your DVD today from and get it before it is available in stores. How's that for an early Christmas present?

Thanks for your support! I read every comment that readers make on my blogs, videos and SparkPage and truly appreciate all of the encouragement, feedback and advice you take the time to send. It reminds me why I work in this field: to share my passion for fitness with others so they, too, can lead healthy and fulfilling lives. I hope this new DVD will help you get fit, firm and fired up to take on life with a new attitude—and body!

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I purchased this video and I try to log it on the Fitness website but the single workouts are not coming up with I try to type them. Are they going to be listed out there or is there something different I should be doing? Report
I haven't purchased any videos yet. I have tried many! If I try your workouts(video-DVDS) which would you recommend to try first. I exercise usually 5 days a week, and am looking for a good solid hour workout (that can include a warm up./cool down) preferably some cardio, some core work/strength training. I don't have weights yet at home.I save that for the gym. I have a ball, and resistance band. Report
I would like to know how to track these workouts from the Fit, Firm, & Fired Up. I have begun doing them in conjunction with the Spark Bootcamp, but can't seem to find them on my Fitness tracker. They are GREAT workouts! I LOVE THEM!!!
Claudia Report
I am excited to get this video soon. I have used Cardio Blast with Spark and just LOVE it. Report
Coach Nicole-
You ROCK!!!
I loved the "easier" choices- now I know I can do this.
Thanks for all your help!!!!
Wendy Report
Dear Nicole,
I simply LOVE this DVD. I use it almost every morning and it is quite a challenge. But I know it is good for me and I appreciate your help in the journey.
HUGS! Report
I just ordered mine Get Fit Firm & Fired Up tonight!
I'm looking forward to adding your workouts along with the book.
It's going to be a Great New Year for me having both of these great tools! Report
Great cover! Report
I ordered this yesterday along with the Cardi Blast DVD and I can't wait to get them. I've done some of the free 10 min Coach Nicole workouts on YouTube and I like them very much and they're so easy to squeeze in. I've finally come to realize that you don't have to do a long workout in one shot, 10 min here and there all adds up too! Report
I pre-ordered mine from amazon. I am just wondering if i'm gonna need any equipment. if anybody knows please let me knows so i can go buy what i need before the dvd gets here. thanks Report
I'm going to order next week. Wasn't able to preview when I brought the book. I'm sure it will be great. Report
I preordered mine at a few weeks ago and I'm just itching to get it! I just can't wait!!!! Report
I ordered this last week and I expect it to arrive by Jan 5th, along with my book. I can hardly wait since it has been so long since I have anticipated with this much excitement! Report
I am just glad I will be able to get The Spark and a local store. Since we do not use credit or debit cards I was unable to pre-order it and was so sad. Report
I am so glad that I bought it from the SP store! It was an early X-mas present to myself! I didn't think that it would be that challenging at first, but I was wrong! I have worked out to it for about 3 days and my muscles are sore!
I like how you show different variations for each exercise, that helps when I'm too tired to work at a harder level.
Great job! I hope you do another dvd!
P.S. I love to read all your blogs, you seem like a really down to earth girl :) Report
Hi Nola4800, I thought so at first as well until I re-read the instructions for pre-ordering. It was the free exercise on-line for a limited time. I liked it a lot except I don't have a computer at home to use while exercising. Could use the help. Thanks for putting it together. Report
i thought we were going to get a free dvd for ordering the book Report
Congratulations Nicole!!! I know how much I love your bootcamp videos here on SP, so I can't wait to buy this one! What a tremendous celebration this is for you. Awesome job! Report
Coach Nicole, you are so freakin' CUTE!!! I love the cover photo of this DVD! Report
Congrats! Can't wait to check it out. :) Report
I love the cover artwork! You look exuberant, like the epitome of energy! Report
I am ready for my d.v.d..... I can't wait! Report
I ordered the SP Cardio Blast DVD and got it a few days later very fast shipping. I did 3 of the 10 minute workouts yesterday. What a great workout! This workout will get you moving and really makes you work up a sweat. Well worth the money spent on this workout DVD :) Report
LOVE IT...and the SP Cardio Blast, too! Report
I keep hinting to my family that this is what I really want for Christmas. If it does not show up under the tree I will have to order it for myself post Christmas. Report
You are such an important part of the SparkPeople resources!

You know Nicole, I was amazed at what a healthy, toned body you have when you led the class at the Cincy SparkConvention. And you look great in the CardioBlast video that I use. Also, your focus on body-mind-spirit wellness definitely shows in your presence. Thank you for all you offer.

Blessed be!
Maha Report
I see my post was deleted. Fair enough. Briefly - please don't go on about not being toned any more. Report
Good going Nicole! Have a happy holiday. Report
I really needed to add strength training to workout. This DVD is a simple way to do this. I have just begun using it and I think it is fantastic!
I would like to find a way to track this as part of my routine.
Thanks to all of those who have worked so hard to keep SP such a wonderful resource on all aspects of health Report
I will probably purchase these at some point. But, with this being 'that time of year!' and all that, I can't justify the extra expenditure--especially when I already have so many other workout DVDs to choose from! (Maybe something to look forward to after I get my tax refund, though.) I think it's great that Nicole is getting national exposure (not just on SparkPeople) with 'full feature' videos. Keep up the good work, Nicole. Report
I just ordered this plus cardio blast as a gift to myself for losing 40 lbs.! Looks great!!! Report
Coach Nicole, you're a wonderful fitness leader and your body is the perfect example of health. Report
I can't wait until I can move into a house and actually work out at home, this DVD will be one of the first things I get! Report
I just got my copy last week and did two of the 10 min segments this morning (Lower Body Blast and All About Arms) and I absolutely loved it! I got a great workout in a very short time period. Thank you Coach Nicole and SparkPeople. I'm looking forwarded to trying out the other segments this week. Report
I have done almost all of the workouts on this DVD and they are great - not too much and not too little, but just right. I HIGHLY recommend this, especially if you think you are not an exercise DVD person ; ) Report
I saw the preview after ordering The Spark & am excited about the full DVD. It is definitely on my will order list! Report