6 Killer Tank-Top Arm Workouts for Every Level

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
Sleeveless dresses, tank tops, a defined bicep, hauling the week's groceries inside with just one trip—there are a lot of great reasons to work to have strong arms. Working some weights and upper body exercises in to your routine reaps a world of benefits, so why not get started today? 

Give your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest the workout they need with six of our favorite routines. Flex!

No Equipment Workout: Upper Body

If you've got 10 minutes, you've got time to work on the strength in those arms. Trainer Kelli Segars from Fitness Blender demonstrates a short, no-equipment upper body workout that you can do anywhere. Segars arranges each minute of work into 50 seconds of work with a 10-second rest. Try this short workout right after you wake up to get the day started on the right foot. 
Ultimate Arms and Shoulders

Sculpted shoulders have a way of taking a dress from "You look nice" to "Oh, wow!" Work with the fitness experts at POPSUGAR Fitness for an 11-minute workout that pays off once that warm-weather wardrobe comes out. In this video, you'll flow between upper body moves that will also test your core strength and balance.

12-Minute Arms

For a more intermediate to advanced workout, Jessica Smith offers this 12-minute routine that strengthens your arms, shoulders and core using one light and one heavy set of dumbbells. This workout is great to tack onto the end of any cardio session. As you push through the endurance-testing exercises, remember, shaky muscles become strong muscles!

Triceps and Biceps Time
A good tricep is nothing without a good bicep, right? Work every muscle in your upper arm in this deceptively tough 10-minute HIIT workout that combines four movements to work your upper arms in a short amount of time. All you need are two dumbbells and a lot of determination. The video is silent but uses a timer to keep you on track as you cycle through the four moves. Add your favorite playlist to make the workout yours!

B Fit: Upper Body Strength

Pahla Bowers helps you work toward those tank-top arms by demonstrating a short upper body workout that features slow reps with a light weight. You'll enjoy strengthening your arms and shoulders to Pahla's exuberant explanations and overall entertaining conversational tone that makes working out with her fun.

Shoulder Isolation Exercises

Fitness trainer Cassey Ho has an infectious energy about her and it is out in full swing in this energetic exercise routine. Work your shoulders to fatigue using only your own body weight and a mat. This one has got moves that are sure to challenge and improve your strength, like the tipping mermaid, robot arms and elbow pulses.

Do you have a favorite arm exercise? Click here to discover even more workout routines!

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