10 Exercises for Toning Your Triceps

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Working our biceps is important, but we must not neglect the back of the arms, better known as the triceps. Working both muscle groups allows for muscle balance, therefore reducing our risk for injury. Because the triceps are comprised of smaller muscles, compared to our biceps, you may need to drop the weight lifted in order to perform these exercises with good form. Remember the goal is to provide an overload to the muscles so that growth and strength can occur.

Our triceps are not only responsible for giving us well-toned arms, but they do aid in any activity where pushing is required--everything from pushing a shopping cart, vacuum cleaner, even a lawn mower. By building strength in these smaller muscles, we are also helping to make our everyday activities a little easier.

Please note that you should not do all these exercises during one exercise session. Doing a maximum of three exercises will provide the challenges to see results.

Triceps Kickbacks

Total Arm Toner

Triceps Side Press

Single Arm Press

Overhead Triceps Extension

Triceps Stretch

The following triceps exercises were all located in SparkPeople's Fitness Resource Center's Exercise Library.

Assisted Triceps Dip Machine

Lying Triceps Lifts

Reverse Grip Triceps Pulldown on a Cable Cross Machine

Standing Overhead Triceps Pull on a Cross Cable Machine

Do you workout your triceps as frequently as your biceps? What is your favorite triceps exercise?

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CATNAP6291 12/3/2019
nice article Report
CECTARR 10/5/2019
This really doesn't help when the links don't work Report
Great Report
JANSAUR 8/18/2019
It is too bad no one has checked to see if the links work. Unfortunately most of them don't. Report
CELLE98 7/11/2019
Really wanted to see this but useless with dead links. Someone really needs to be updating this stuff if you're going to post it on the homepage. :( Report
BONNIE1552 6/21/2019
Love doing triceps exercises. Report
This article needs to be updated. The links are either broken or they show things that are not related to triceps exercises. Report
Thank you but the links did not work. I’ll try elsewhere. Report
for the non spark sites I went to you tube for videos. I think there was 1 I could not find Report
Thanks for the tips. Report
Unfortunately, most of the non-SparkPeople.com links in this article are either no longer active pages or don't show what is listed (i.e., triceps stretch). Report
Wonderful Thank you Report
Great info thank you Report
Toughest issue I have is my triceps... I call them bat wings! Need to get a routine of afew if these provided exercises. Thanks for sharing these! Report
Great choices Report
My favourite are tricep pulldown and skull crusher Report
Bummer that some of these links no longer work. I definitely have bat wings and need to work those triceps. Report
I work them equally..skull crushers are my favorite as well as bench dips. Report
My favorite - kickbacks.
It's important to remember that although this article mentions the triceps are smaller muscles than the biceps, the triceps makes up about 3/4 of the upper arm - so do yourself a favor and work those triceps! Report
Skullcrushers and dips :) Report
Overhead triceps dips. Good thing about the arm exercises, you can see results quickly!!! So you remember to keep on working on them!! Report
I have several significant tears in my left rotator cuff, so I have to be so careful of my arm and shoulder. I do a few things, I can manage at the pool. I would love to have toned arms, I used to, but alas, maybe again one day. Report
I work them equally Report
I do like doing tricep dips. Report
the best exercise for me is cleaning and running with my kids then when i walk my dog then when im dancing. Report
Some good ones here for when you're at your desk. Report
I work them both while watching T.V and appreciate the additional workout options, thanx! Good going! Report
I see results fastest with tricep dips and the overhead extension. Report
I work my triceps every time I work my biceps. And of course they get a workout when I work my chest and again when I work my shoulders.

Actually it's quite easy to overtrain ones triceps (and biceps) if you're not careful.

2/3 Report
When strength training I either work out on the Nautilus machines at the gym or do Coach Nicole's New You Boot Camp workouts and both work my triceps. I've definitely noticed that I feel the burn when working them out, I think that it's an area that I neglected previously. I didn't see the most difficult triceps exercise that I do listed; you bend over and put your hand on the seat of a chair for support, lower your arm and then bend the elbow as if starting a lawn mower - I got that one off of an old Cindy Crawford workout video and it's a killer! Report
This article came at exactly the right time. I was getting ready to begin work on my arms. Yay!!! Report
Great. Report
I love working my triceps! My favorite exercises are skull crushers, tricep pushups and dips w/ straight legs. Report
I like Tricep kickbacks. Arm exercises are easy to incorporate in all through the day. In lines, at your desk, watcing the TV - even on the toilet! Sometimes, you work it in wherever you can! Report
I totally need this. Report
I love working my tris, what a great article! Report
This is a really tough area to tone. Thanks for the tips. Report
Couldn't get some of the videos to run Report
Great comments everybody. Yep, gotta get rid of my flabby triceps! The tricep kickback is my favorite so far, but those dips look pretty interesting! Report
good ideas to make the tri`s slimmer . I sure need some help in that dept. Report
i do both twice a week. I just started the gym last week, and i have to say that its hard!!! Report
I LOVE working my triceps and this article is a jewel! Thanks for all the good information. My biceps were developing quite nicely when I started working the triceps, too. My favorite so far from Spark is Dumbbell Triceps Extensions on Ball. Report
I do triceps dips, not on the machine but with my legs extended out and lowering myself below the level of an exercise bench. Report
I do Tricep Dips with my legs elevated up on a chair which make them harder and really works the triceps. Then I do "Skull Crushers" which are isolated dumbell execises which work the triceps even more. I do both of these 3 times a week and it works really well. Report
Dontcha just hate that jiggle when you wave good-by to someone? These moves will take care of that. I'm getting started right now! Report
I do arm toning at least 2xs per week. I think the back of the arms is the first to go. Report
No I don't somehow biceps always take priority but maybe that's why my triceps still need work. My fav is tricep kickbacks. Report

One of my favorite Tricep exercises is a row with a Tricep extension.

Hold your weights ski pole push forward without locking the elbows than push back with out locking the elbows. Dont forget to stretch it after. Report
I like the total arm toner cause i think i don't have toned arms so i'm trying to get results.this blog will help a lot.thank you. Report