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20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

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All you need is a resistance band and a chair to perform this seated workout!

Member Comments

thanks for this demonstration. Report
First exercise is primarily a back exercise. Report
Thank you for sharing the article,love it! Report
Nicole is a wonderful instructor. Spark People has made exercising fun. Thank You!
I was ready for some resistance. The only thing I can't do is twist the knees. This is a great workout and can get harder in time. Report
Enjoyed doing it so much its good for me & found it very slightly easier this time Report
I have a really bad spinal issue, and I thought that this workout was going to affect my pain tolerance, but it actually wasn't that bad! I had to modify a couple of the stretches, but not to the extent where I did not benefit from them. I finished this workout about 5 minutes ago, and am proud to say that this is my very first 20-minute workout!! Report
It was challenging for sure at times but as the saying goes "If it does not challenge you it does not change you." Report
Thanks! I was able to fit this into my day. I found the video was fast and effective way to exercise . Report
These seem easy at first but I can really feel my muscles working against the band! Report
some parts were hard but I did it! Report
Thanks Coach Nicole! Great one for me. Report
I had plantar faciitis very bad once to the point of using crutches to move--it was very painful to walk on the foot/leg affected and could only do so by limping. At the time, I searched through my exercise dvd stash and found a couple of "chair" exercise routines which I used and they kept me from gaining weight--as well as speeding my recovery. This video would be perfect for that scenario because I could do exercise with the affected foot/leg--I just couldn't put my body weight on it while exercising. Report
I thought 20 minutes was going to be long. But this was a nice w/o. Thankyou! Report
have done this video twice now. love it, feel great afterward. Report