3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat

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Stretch out your whole lower body in just 3 minutes with this video!

Member Comments

I love it when Coach Nicole has us doing the same things my coach does! Report
Thanks Coach Nicole.... Report
Stretching really does help. Report
I do these stretches when I first wake up... so very helpful Report
Great video Report
Love these, they feel so good! Report
Great! Thanks for this one! Report
I appreciate how short this video is. It motivated me to take action. Report
Thanks, Coach! Report
I do these too. But as usual, you have added something that I was missing. Thanks, Coach! Report
I tied not that flexible yet though. Report
Hi, l enjoyed the stretch. Thanks Report
Coach Nicole is simply the best!!!
She is great,love all her videos,I do so many of them,love this one also!!!! Report
She is fantastic and a great instructor. Love the exercise. I just can't believe that someone suggested giving her a tissue. Blew me away!! Then again, I guess there's always someone who will criticize. Report