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4-Minute Lower Body Stretching Routine

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This feel-good stretching routine is the perfect way to end your workout!

Member Comments

Great video Report
Love the lower body stretching Report
I know stretching is so good for your body but it is something I have to talk myself into doing. Report
I can't reach behind to grab my foot due to 4 artificial joints but I CAN use a chair to prop it up so I CAN grab it or lean into it for the stretch. Report
Like a few other commenters, I can't grab my foot to do the quad stretch. I couldn't even when I was active duty Army and much more fit! I use my bed, a park bench arm or my car bumper to put my toe on (with a nearby table, workout partner, etc for balance), then do a shallow one leg squat until I have a stretch. Warning: using too tall of furniture may get you hung up which can lead to a fall, so carefully experiment until you find some things that are the right height. Report
Thank you for this one! Report
Great! Thanks, Coach! Report
This is a good one. I know I can do this one! Report
Great stretching exercises. Report
For those like me who have balance/mobility issues: On the first stretch, use a stool or chair to support your leg, rather than trying to grab your foot (I never could, even when skinny) and hold on to a chair, table, or wall for balance. For the second, hold on to a chair, table, or wall and only bend forward as far as you're comfortable. Same for the last stretch. If you do these stretches a few times a week, gradually your balance and flexibility will improve -- that's my target! Report
Worth full streaches Report
Good one! Report
Everything in moderation. Some of the exercises are good for me and some I won't be able to do because of former back surgery. Will be looking at other options for those exercises. This website is just to rich in resources. Report
luv this video. will do this every day! Report
Not a good workout for someone like me who is extremely obese, has a leg injury, and balance problems. You do have to be in good shape to do this. I was not able to do any of these exercises, unfortunately. Report