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Bootcamp: 7-Minute Belly Blast Workout with Dumbbells

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Try these unique core exercises for a sculpted core in just 7 minutes!

Member Comments

Thanks for sharing Great workout! Report
great workout the floor ones were a bit too much for me so did what I could Report
Great workout! Thanks, Coach! Report
Great beginning exercises! Or add them into your advanced routine. Report
Knee intensive toward the end. Report
it's beginersexercise good excerise Report
i did this yesterday and boy am i feeling it now :) will be a regular part of my week Report
Did they s video today! Report
I really like doing these video guided exercises with Nicole. Report
Love this workout! Perfect!!! Report
I really like following along with Nicole's video exercise workouts. Report
Love this workout! Report
Plan on doing this today... Thanks.... Report
I liked it. I was able to do most of it. For the floor moves I just made do on the chair because the floor is too uncomfortable for me right now. I have been doing the sit down videos for about 4 weeks or so and love them but wanted to try something different. For the Peak of the Week challenge. Report
day 4 of week 1 complete. I really enjoyed this workout! I love doing the plank. My abs are the only muscle I actually enjoy hurting lol... although its harder to work my lower abs after having a couple of kids. Hopefully this challenge will help strengthen my whole body! Report