8-Minute Lower Body Workout with Ball

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This quick and effective video will target your thighs, glutes and calves using nothing but a ball!

Member Comments

Thanks Report
I need to get to get my out! Report
cool idea on how to have some fun with your ball, can't wait to try it. Report
Very good video, nicely explained and easy to follow, just one thing it would be nice to know how many reps for each excersize. Report
This looks interesting, but I don't have a ball. I've been thinking about getting one. Report
Really effective and great for a beginner. I can still feel I have done a full workout. Thanks Report
Veery good workout for the lower body! Report
I really like this video. Where is the best place to buy a stability ball? Report
We can't print the exercises anymore...and now we can't save them to favorites either. Its getting more and more I guess for lack of a better word...inconvenie
nt with the workouts and exercises. I really think they need to go back to where they provided the convenience for the member. Its nice to have access to videos but not everyone has the capabilities or wants to haul that stuff to the gym.
There's gotta be a way to allow for the option to print - PLEASE BRING THAT BACK!! Report
I would love to be able to print the exercises so I could take them with me to the gym. I teach a class using the stability ball and I have to try to draw pictures of the exercises. Being able to print the info. would be so much easier to understand. My stick-figure drawings aren't always easy to interpret. Report
It appears to me when you are exerting your self you are inhaling. I was under the impression that you are to exhale , then when relaxed you are to inhale. I lift weights and do a lot of exercising, and have for years, please clarify, I want to do them correctly.
Hi Folks,
This may seem like a silly question but I have to ask it....

How are you all looking at this video while exercising? My cell phone is too small to watch it as I move around...and my office computer is in another area of my house???

Please help because I would really like to try these videos that I receive daily from Spark!

Thank you, Report
Video very interesting I'll have to try the exercises at my health club because I don't have a stability ball at home. Good stretches. Report
Thanks for the great video! I've never used a stability ball before and I can't believe I waited this long. I hated squats and lunges because of my problematic right knee but doing those with a stability ball changed that for me. Report
I had no idea how to use the ball before this video.... Report