New YOU Bootcamp: 10-Minute Kickboxing Workout

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Box, kick, squat and punch away the calories! You'll love this 10-minute cardio kickboxing workout!

Member Comments

Pace can work as you get adjusted to the exercise, thanks. Report
I enjoy this short workout so much Report
Love this work out Report
thanks Report
Great workout! thanks for sharing Report
Perfect heart rate booster - Love it! Report
Great workout video. Report
Just returned to your vid after 18 mth break... wow am I unfit.... thanks for being there! Report
Thanks for the quick work out it really helped with my balance look forward to more ideas in sessions like these. Report
Started this today, will do it everyday now until I can do the whole video. Had to stop at twirling my fists at my head and to the left. will push til next position tomorrow. Report
This 10 minute kickboxing was a real work out for me. Now I earlier how much help I need to start working out. Loved it and looking forward more lessons. Thanks Report
Hi, I'm Lee, a team member. I was in a car accident & after a long period of time from being laid up, I finally am returning. I did Coach Nicole's 10 min. boot-camp workout today, one of my old time favorites. Loved it!

Plus I did, My own team workout I started, The 12 Week, "Ideal Shape up Challenge", which consists of 3 or 4 exercises of strength or cardio, plus a challenge for the day. I'm going to add New You Boot-camp 3 X a week /W/ my Shape up Challenge. I actually completed the 12 wk Challenge already & starting it over. Now I decided to add New You Boot-camp. Feeling pretty good to be back into working out again.
Hope everyone is doing well!

LEE Report
I like to do the high knees part..

great exercises to get going in the morning Report
Coach Nicole's boot camp video is really a good one. Matter a fact it's a favorite of mine. I use this as a warm up before I start my strength workout. Thanks Nicole! Report
This really is a great video, this is my 10 minute workout before my cup of morning coffee. Report