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The Best Desk Stretches

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Desk job got you down? Try these 5 seated stretches for better posture and less pain!

Member Comments

Great! Report
Great! Report
Great stretches Report
Exercise tips, very helpful, thanks! Report
What a wonderful video. Thanks so much! Report
thanks Report
Great! Report
Do like these. Thanks. Report
Great ones! I worked along with you. Thanks, Coach! Report
Great exercise. Report
I can definitely see myself incorporating these moves in my day. I'm a secretary and I'm always trying to find ways to keep moving. Report
I love these stretches for the chair/desktime. Feels sooooo good!!!
Thanks! Report
I really need these - so I have put on my calendar at noon and appointment with myself to make sure I do them. Thanks for sharing. Report
I need help with my hips. They get really, really sore sitting in a chair all day. Report