From Skinny Kid to Mr. Universe

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You won't believe this man's incredible transformation!

Member Comments

Wonderful role model for those children with diabetes. Should give them hope at what they can achieve. Natural body building looks good. Report
This is an amazing story. It is also very inspiring! Report
Inspirational, for sure. Go Doug! I too want to train to lift weights, yet in the past, when l'm doing well, then something happens. Either l go too far or start to ache. But l'm not giving up. This year l'm getting fit. Next year, start to train. Report
I love this story! So inspirational for sure. Report
Wow! What a great story of overcoming hard obstacles in one's life. He gained all this naturally too. More high school sports players need to realize that hard work can really pay off and that they don't have to settle for a quick, unhealthy fix! Terrific!!! Report
Very Cool! Report
What an inspiration, thank you for sharing your story. Report
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm trying better manage my diabetes Report
Good for you Doug! I wish you'd tell us if you are rid of diabetes. Report
Great job. Great example of how to stay motivated and not give up.
I loved his closing statement "...You have the ability to do what you want, if your willing to choose it" excellent motivational video - Thank You! Report
I really enjoyed this video. Report
To achieve that level without steroids and a diabetic since childhood... Very inspiring, a true story of a man conquering almost all obstacle. Report