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7-Minute Seated Arm Workout with Band


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Great workout
Great workout, but hard in a wheelchair.
Must get resistance bands & do them or maybe use a stole
Looked good until I got to the kneeling part--knees could NEVER take it--this is NOT "seated"!

See the "MORE" button up by the Twitter, Facebook, etc? Click that and you will find the save to your favorites button.
Watched the video. I'll think I'll do this one tomorrow! :) Nice to have videos that have the 'track caleries burned' button.
How do I save this to my videos. Would like to return to this one.
Love Coach Nichole's clear, no-nonsense approach & instructions. I can't tolerate the Drill Sergeant wanna-be or hyper-perky cheerleader types.

Great, clear video! Thanks for this workout.
I have trouble being on the floor so I used my pilates resistance equipment from the chair. Still got a very intense workout.
I love working out with the bands,use mine all the time,
Good arm workout! Like the resistance bands.
finally a band video that I can do with ease. thank you Nicole
It's great to find videos to help me strengthen my body without re injuring my feet and ankles.
These work very well for me sitting forward on edge of a chair as due to mobility issues I can't get down on or up off the floor unassisted (unless I fall over - broke my arm last time back in July hence the need for the exercises). For the first kneeling exercise I loop the band around the legs and under the side crossbars of the chair.
This did not show. It came up as a black screen.
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