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3 Ways You're Cheating During Your Workouts


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I am guilty! I admit that I hold on to the treadmill handles.
Thanks for the reminders - especially to increase resistance and to change it up, which gets boring anyway. That's why the videos and articles on Sparkpeople are so good.
I also HAVE to hold on to the treadmill, else I fall. Without holding on, I would be walking like a drunk. I am balance-impaired ...
I am such a klutz, I have to hold on!!
Great ideas!
Good tips.
Somehow I need to remember this cause last 2 days my work out is starting to board me for some odd reason lol.
Running or walking on the treadmill definitely feels noticeably easier to me whenever I hold on to it during my workout, versus when I don't. I remember this was always one of Jillian Michael's pet peeves for those that she trained on the Biggest Loser, as well.
I love the reminder to change the routine up - such a valuable tip!
I actually slipped off a treadmill and had a long rehab at PT...I would say, First - attach the panic Stop clip - so what if you look silly...this will stop the treadmill should you lose your footing, etc....Second - don't have the treadmill set faster than your walking pace, that way you won't have to hold on so tightly...Third - hold on lightly and occasionally let go ...Fourth - pay attention to what you are doing! a TV/earphones/cell phones are ALL distractions!
Using the treadmill, I have to hold on with both hands. If i do not, i will fall off because of my feet. I loose balance easily. PS. I do NOT run, my knees will not hold up.
The ad itself, with the kids on the school bus made me smile!
Great tips....I find myself guilty of at least one of them. Will have to make a change.

Unfortunately there are problems with this one---
Unable to view with most of the screen black, advertisement still playing/talking and video begins to play.
I could get no sound.
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