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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout


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Thank You...…………….
I was just getting into my fitness routine and I broke a bone in my foot. These seated videos are just what I need!
Thank you!
Broke my ankle so I really needed this! Thank you Spark People for all you do. And I love Coach Nicole videos.
I love this ! !
Unable to stand for long, seated exercises have offered me an opportunity to experience the reward and

joy of exercise. I welcome the opportunity these videos afford me, to keep fit.

Thank you.

I love Coach Nicole!!
Why is it important to inhale on the up motion and exhale on the lower motion? I know I am doing it wrong on the breathing aspect, but does it make that big of a difference as long as I am doing the movements as shown?
Thanks for a good short workout. This is good for when I am short on time.
Thank you
thank you
Thank you so much for this video! I got a concussion about 6 months ago and hit my head so hard I knocked my shoulder out of alignment a bit. I went to a chiropractor many times - he put my should back into place but the creaking in my shoulders never stopped. After doing this video one time - the creaking stopped. Now I enjoy doing it regularly and increasing weights to keep my shoulders, arms and back more strengthened. Thank you! :)
Thanks for this. It says "seated workout," but early on it seemed like I'd maintain better form (with 5lbs weights) by standing. The chair didn't seem to add benefit, although it is important to have something for everyone, and lots of people want or need seated exercises. In comparison, the chair workouts for core and leg really benefit from using a chair because they require moving the lower muscles in a concentrated way. .I don't mind if someone else explains the benefits of using a chair - what I'm missing out on -- so let me know. i'm sure to come back to try this one again, sitting or not.
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