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2 Instant Confidence-Boosting Moves


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The performer pose was very relaxing.
I did them and felt great! i will definitely do them before speaking. Thank you for your video!
Melinda, I loved your natural presentation. It's great to know the "why" behind doing something instead of just following along like a lemming. I will try these-thanks :-)
I would feel like an idiot trying these poses. And no singer in their right mind would ever do the performance pose. That is not how a professional vocalist stands.
Thank you for sharing the moves. They do shift one's feelings.
Ummm how do I say this? Melinda, you should practice those a lot! Because your own body language, in particular in the beginning of the video, shows the opposite of confidence.....
I tried both and it does make me smile. Of course, when doing the performer I add "tadah" which my grandson does when he has done something great!
The wide leg pose without the arm positioning is a confidence builder when speaking before an audience. So do the warm-up with the arms first (in private) then the pose without the arm positioning when you get up to speak at the lectern.
I remember Jack LaLanne doing these back in the late 1950's, on black and white TV, makes you feel good, due to stretching, but he didn't need to yak and yak so long about it, ll.
Just *watching* the performer warmed my heart, made me smile, and gave me a "happy shiver"!
Tried it while watching the video and you do feeling better after doing it. Love it!
Bit of a boost for confidence, but mostly, these are fun moves that you can do any time. M'self, I LIKE feeling like Wonder Woman, lol...
The strength is awesome and actual make me feel taller and less stressful
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