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2 Instant Confidence-Boosting Moves


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They helped to calm me.
seemed to feel invigorating, but I can't be still for 2 minutes. I think I made about 20-30 seconds.
Sounds wonderful and positive, I will try them both at the suggestion someone earlier made in 30 seconds at a time until I build up for 2 minutes for each pose. Just watching the video made me feel better and confident.
I will definitely try this. thanks for sharing
Right after I viewed this video & practiced it, I had to talk to my sister about my mom which is always an stressful ocurance. I was able to express myself and left my sister know how I felt without feeling bullied. I felt really confident knowing I got to do it my way.

As to the lenght of doing the pose for 2 mins. try doing it 30 seconds at a time and repeat till you reach 2 mins. This was how my Physical Therapist broke down the exercises till I got stronger.
I had tried the wonder woman pose before a job interview and it did calm me down.
Hi Sparkies, l did the poses, yet l kept looking at the clock. The two minutes came slowly. I will try it when l'm nervous, or meeting someone new.
I saw Amy Cuddy's TED talk on the topic and was very inspired. In it she said, don't fake it til you make it, fake it til you become it. Here's the link to the TED talk.
I practiced both poses - the power pose was hard to hold for 2 minutes but I did feel joyful & confident for the first minute - the wonder woman pose did make me feel confident & powerful. I really do believe that my body language to myself impacts how I feel and interact with others. So...I hope to have an opportunity to put this (especially the wonder woman) into practice in the real-world.
I'll try it and see what happens.
Don't think I'm confident enough yet for Wonder Woman, but I really did like The Performer.
The Wonder Woman makes you smile and they both make you feel relaxed.
I am going to try These poses.
Tried it today, as I had a difficult confrontation and needed every edge to get through it. All went well, very well, and I have no idea if this was a factor but I'll try it the next time there's a need.
Worth a try!
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