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2 Instant Confidence-Boosting Moves


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I really like this one! Thanks for sharing!
Great article like the poses thanks for sharing
Could not understand what she was expecting me to do perhaps something written would make it easier for those of us whose first language is not English
I like both! Thanks!
I've done the "power woman" stand for years in business prior to important meetings not realizing what it was doing. I think it works; I've been confident in my meetings and with dealing with various issues.
I'm performing at an open mic next week: it seems that The Performer is in order, and Wonder Woman wouldn't hurt either. I look forward to finding out the results.
Love this! I had my students watch Amy Cuddy's TED Talk in an interview workshop I taught.
Thank you for this one!
Only did one minute on the first pose and my arms felt like they were going to drop off! lol dang arthritis....
I tried the two poses and they helped relieve the stress in my upper back. Thanks!
I'm looking for a job right now and I have found it extremely challenging this time around because I am turning 60 next month and the downtown Boston area seems really "youth-oriented" with respect to office support (my lifelong profession). I will try these poses, especially before interviews. Thanks!
I just returned from a Women's Workshop and the health speaker mentioned the first pose as well. It also relives tension and leaves you with a take charge attitude, SparkFriends.
Thanks for sharing! A very good one for stress!
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