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BabyFit Launches Charity MommyTeam

Join the Moms Give HopeBabyFit Charity (Beta) MommyTeam

Moms are generous, caring and compassionate by nature. It's no wonder that BabyFit members often reach out with amazing stories and opportunities to help others. BabyFit listened to your requests, and thanks to all your support, we're starting a new feature that will allow you to easily share news about your favorite good cause with the BabyFit community.

BabyFit has created a new MommyTeam to give members a place to highlight our favorite charitable organizations. We invite you to post about your favorite non-profit organization in this MommyTeam and share their personal story/connection to the organization. BabyFit will highlight the organizations via featured articles to spread the word about nonprofits that are important to members.

Join the Moms Give HopeBabyFit Charity (Beta) MommyTeam today. All the information you need can be found in that MommyTeam, and we've explained the process below.

This team is operating on a 90-day trial basis.

Team Description The heart of a mom is vast and deep. She cares not only for her own family but her community and the rest of the world. Moms have the desire to make the world a better place for children. Moms come together to create a culture of hope for their families and to those who are in need. This team is a place to post about charities with needs related to family matters.

  • Charity must benefit humanity and support the BabyFit motto of "Healthy Babies Start with Healthy Moms." Pregnancy, newborn health, and family health are great suggestions. Charity needs may include volunteer time, expertise or cash donations.
  • Must be a valid 501(c)3 or a part of the website Any organization that does not have valid non-profit status from the government or is not on the Global Giving List will be removed.
  • Participate at your own risk. discourages the exchange of any personal and private information with others online. Only participate with organizations that use PayPal or other legitimate ways to collect donations. Never wire money or send money to an individual person. does not vet or sponsor these events, groups and activities.
  • Remember that is 100% free and will never ask for any sensitive personal financial information.
  • BabyFit reserves the right to remove any posts that do not fit our guidelines.
Post Requirements
  • Charity contact information: Name, address, phone number, website, e-mail contact and E.I.N number.
  • Charity Purpose: A short description of the organization and why it is pertinent to the member.
  • Call for Action: What can moms do to help? Do they need time, goods or money?
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