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Note: This article is about the real stuff guys are thinking about before, during and after pregnancy. It is meant to mix a healthy dose of humor to deal with topics that are often uncomfortable and unfamiliar to men. believes women should know what the men in their lives are thinking about during their pregnancy regardless of how serious or silly it can be.

There are a lot of things going on in a man's head during the 9 months that their partner is pregnant. Wouldn't you like to know what they are thinking about? Here is your chance! BabyFit sat down with four of its employees, Dave H., Chris D., Josh K. and Kevin C., all of whom became fathers recently.

BabyFit: What advice would you give soon-to-be dads for helping mom out?

Chris D.: The biggest thing is to stay relaxed. I think that potential new dads tend to focus on all of the crazy changes that are going to happen, versus the good things.

Kevin C.: Listen to your wife. Her body is definitely changing.

CD: You have to be willing to take more stuff.

Josh K.: And be more forgiving.

KC: It's easy to get caught up in the financial changes too that's going to take place and I think you need to think about that.

JK: Also, know she is not going to act the same all the time.

KC: She is also going to have to pee a lot. You have to be ready to stop wherever you are and find a bathroom. Just don't get upset with her.

CD: You'll probably have to do more stuff around the house. Small things, like kitty litter.

Dave H.: She's going to be more tired, just from carrying all of that weight and everything else that comes with it.

BF: How do you deal with your partner's emotions?

CD: You have to get good at reading her.

JK: Some days you definitely have to be there to talk and some days you need to just step back.

KC: And never tell her she looks fat.

BF: Were there any patterns to her emotions?

CD: No

JK: For us, Julie did really well her second trimester. During the first trimester she had morning sickness and was tired. By the time we got to the third trimester she started getting uncomfortable and couldn't sleep as well.

DH: For us, the first trimester we just got used to all the new stuff and her body changes. During the second trimester and into the third you learn to deal with it better, than towards the end it gets kind of hard again because she gets really uncomfortable.
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