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BabyFit mothers are reaching their fitness goals while impacting the community through charity fitness events. We are sharing the stories of three members--and the nonprofits they're helping. Read these inspiring stories and learn how you can reach your fitness goals and give back, as well.

Signingcharity has been doing a walk for multiple sclerosis for nine years. When she was diagnosed with MS in her teens, she thought that the disease would make many of her personal dreams impossible. Some years later, she feels that her life has been blessed beyond words and wants to share her amazing story.

Each year her experience of the MS walk is a little different. A couple of times she did it in a wheelchair with a loved one assisting her. Other years she felt just well enough to walk. Her proudest moments have been walking while expecting her children. This is her third year doing the walk pregnant, and her husband and two little girls will join her.

The National MS Society has funded major advancements since she was diagnosed 20 years ago. There are now medications that can be used to slow the progression of the disease as well as the severity of relapses. It is for this reason that Singingcharity wants everyone to keep supporting the MS walk and to strive together for a cure.

At 6 months pregnant, she still hit the gym two to three times per week, walked with her family and focused on nutrition. She is proud to say that she can now keep up with her three children and has started to run.

To learn more about Signingcharity, visit her blog.

Melissa took part in the Avon 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk in Boston to raise money for cancer research. She walked 39 miles to complete this event. She learned about the event from a friend who completed it last year. Melissa feels fortunate that she doesn't have a personal breast cancer story and hopes that one day all women can say that. She raised a minimum of $1,800 to participate in the event and has been surprised at people's generosity. In order to train for the event, she signed up for a 5K run, which has helped her develop a love for running. Even though she has not noticed changes to her physique due to the training, she feels very fit and has more energy. Her 2-year-old son became her walking partner and she enjoyed teachable moments walking through the outdoors. He was at the end of the walk cheering for her.

Michellabella participated in the Walk for Life that supports a pregnancy crisis center in Kentucky. PCC helps supports mothers throughout they pregnancy offering medical services, finical aid and educational assistances. Her hope is that PCC will be able to help mothers in ways she was not supported when she started her family. Training for this event has drawn her family together and has given her a great appreciation for her family.

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Samantha discovered fitness as a teen, and she hikes, swims and bikes whenever possible. She used during her three pregnancies, and as a BabyFit Community Leader, she loves helping other moms attain their goals, too.

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