VIDEO: Coach Nicole's Favorites- Inner & Outer Thigh Toner

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In a new series of videos, Coach Nicole will demonstrate some of her favorite exercises—ones that she actually uses to stay in shape. This video demonstrates two exercises that target your inner and outer thighs.

About the Inner & Outer Thigh Toner Exercise
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  • Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: An aerobic step with at least one set of risers and a resistance band (tube) with handles
  • Type of Exercise: Strength training
  • Muscles Worked: Inner thighs and outer thighs (hips)
  • Safety Tip: Make sure the handles of your resistance band are secured tightly around your shoes during this exercise.
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Member Comments

I would like the written directions too. Some of the "sniffing" is also breathing and talking at the same time, ever try and talk when you are exercising? Report
Video was great.! Tried it and loved it! But I'm literally laughing at some of the other comments like the one where someone thought that since NICOLE was sniffling (Not Carol) that it was disgusting. Good grief...Really? Then turn down the volume and WATCH the VIDEO. Report
Forget my last post, I found how to save it to favorites . Have a good day!!
Does anyone know if there's a way do save this video and maybe even others in a favorite area somewhere, so I don't have to find it all the time? There must be a way, I have things in my favorite now but no videos.

I'm just trying to make it handy so when I'm doing one video, I can go and click to do the next without searching all over.

Thanks for any help. Report
The aerobic steps and bands can be found at Wal~Mart. Probably at K~Mart, Target, and other stores like that.

Try watching it on youtube. A lot of times the videos hang up here, but on youtube it runs better. Copy and paste this link and see how it does. http://www.youtub

I don’t have a step, but I am going to try this with our weight bench.
I DO have all this equipment at home, and will have to start using them!
Thanks for continuing to show us ways to get a workout in that is quick, effective, and using our own bodies so we can do it at home. Report
Can someone please advise Carol that if she has a runny nose either blow it or make a video another day. It is disgusting to have to listen to her constant sniffing throughout the video. Report
Do not have the equipment she is using nor money for gym membership, but would like to be able to do this exercise as I have the resistance bands. Any suggestions? Report
I too vote for printable written instructions too, please! Good to take along & for slow connections! Report
Just have to tell you that my youngest kitty, PolyDactyl, likes to watch your videos. She sat here and purred the entire time and had to get closer to the screen. Report
Terrific way to tone the inner and outer thighs. LIke a previous reader stated, the videographer might wish to edit out all the sniffling. It can detract from the professional quality of the advice. Report
We could probably use one of those bands that attach to a doorknob for this, too. Report
I love this video. But where do I get the aerobic step and risers? Did I miss them at the SparkStore? Report
Looks like a great exercise! Thanks Nicole. Report
This looks like a great one! I will be doing this as it looks very effective. Report

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Nicole Nichols
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