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A Little Imagination Can Boost Your Motivation

Building a Better Body Image


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Great Report
good article on the subject~ Report
thanks Report
Great ideas! Thanks! Report
Awesome ideas! Report
Good ideas. Report
Thanks Report
Great ideas Report
Good read! Report
I think I over compensated with food to hide my pain. Childhood rejection, and a host of other childhood worries most kids shouldn't have to deal with Report
Thanks for sharing...What happens when you were bullied and told you are a liar.. Report
Very true about how imagination can keep one motivated. I created a vivid and detailed fantasy in which to immerse myself during my workouts, and to keep myself going till I'd achieved my goal. Indeed, it kept me fired up -- I would even go so far as to say that it actually made me more attractive by improved my self-confidence and image that I projected to the outside world. But now I'm in trouble. I got a little TOO close to confusing fantasy with reality, and seriously contemplated acting on it. It's something that can never ever be, and now that the truth of that is starting to sink in, I feel myself floundering. I'm stuck, and so afraid I will backslide! But I can't find a replacement for it to keep the fire going. Report
Interesting concept. I’m in the process of reprogramming my thought proces about my very being. This from a childhood of rejection. Will try to incorporate this also Report
Good suggestions. Report
thanks for sharing Report

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