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Workout Ideas for Couples

Put Your Love to the Fitness Test


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Good ideas. Report
Great ideas! Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.
- Germaine Greer Report
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.
- Germaine Greer Report
My husband and I use to workout at the same gym, but after we moved. I had to choose another. Now the only time we get to work out is when we are out of town. Report
Wish my man would do work outs with me ! HA Report
My husband and I have sometimes done workouts - like walking outdoors or at the mall - together. Lately, he is really into his indoor exercise bike. I find I can do a DVD/video at the same time he is bicycling - even turning down my audio while he puts on music. There are also some back exercises he is doing that I participate in when he is not at work. Report
Loved your blog Report
Even mentioning the article to my husband had him grumbling and shaking his head. The foot difference in our height makes the walks he likes to take sheer insanity for me. Like hello tons more steps for me...verified by my tracker, in an attempt to keep up. This knowledge led us to try hiking, the terrain is a great equalizer...hello core strength and trekking poles for further leveling the playing field. Hiking is a love for both of only took thirty some years to figure this out! ;) Report
My spouse and I recently took up ballroom dancing together (it was a birthday present for my 40th!! :D :D ) and we love it! There are also events around town that we can attend to try our dancing "in the wild".

We also have a lot of fun playing exergames together on the Wii and Xbox Kinect (Kinect Sports, most recently).

We've always enjoyed hiking together, and make it part of our anniversary every year (which, fortunately, is in summer).

Every couple wants to live to a ripe old age together, and exercise surely helps make that possible! :) Report
The couples at the gym usually show the state of their relationship. We warm up and stretch together then do our own thing. sometimes we do the side by side cardio machines, but he is running I am walking. There is another couple we see sometimes who lifts together, both of them are obviously serious about their weight program but they also work well together. It isn't for everybody, and we love hiking together and he rides bikes with me sometimes, other times I get my alone time out on the bike trial. Report
You want to see the people doing the least-effective workouts at the gym?
Look for the couples. Report
Has anyone tried a regular practice or exercise or routine that involves both people, and not just as an optional companion or in a competitive sport? Something close to ballroom dancing where both parties have responsibilities and movements in order to make a great performance, except the goal is fitness and exercise? Report
My wife has no interest in exercise so I got a dog :( Better than nothing, but still, not quite the same as working out with your significant other. Report
I am so fortunate that my DH has been my steady workout partner for over 40 years of our marriage. We started out jogging outdoors together, then we started to have different paces so we moved our together time to the gym. After all these years I am so conditioned to going to the gym that I do it alone (when he had surgeries, for instance). But nothing beats our regular workout date times. I am so lucky in this respect. Report

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