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Create Your Own Frozen Dinners


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Love cooking and portioning out for freezing Report
I.use a food saver. Very handy. You don't need an expensive model. Report
Love it. Any suggestions as to what will freeze well? Report
Great article! Report
Good article Report
I will use this information, thanks. Report
I have no trouble freezing potatoes. I bake up a few and cut them into slices or mash them with a fork, and put them in 1-cup Pyrex bowls with rubber lids or sometimes in zip snack bags. Those tiny potatoes seem to freeze well also. The other half of a can of soup or other canned mixtures goes into a 2-cup Pyrex bowl, plenty of room to add some frozen veg while heating in the microwave. To prevent having to chop through a frozen glob, I portion out frozen veg and rice/millet etc. in bowls or little bags also. Same for protein foods like beans or commercial burgers or bowls (if I only want half). Also freeze fruit, whole for berries and cut up for others. Then I can quickly grab different veg etc. to make up a meal. Also handy for whizzing up juice in a vitamix. Report
Helpful ideas-thanks! Report
Great suggestions! Report
Good article Report
Good article Report
Being recently widowed....I no longer enjoy cooking as it is no fun just cooking for myself. I have lost 20 pounds because I just don't care to eat. My adult children have been bringing me their leftovers - and the portions are way too large - so I have been freezing the the leftover leftovers! Much more tasty than the store bought entree's! Report
Great ideas Report
As already mentioned invest in a food saver vacuum systems. Greatly increases safe storage times and eliminates freezer burn.

When we’re ready to eat we reheat in the bag in boiling water or sous vide (love this thing). Report
Thanks Report

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