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High Performance Nutrition- Part 1

The Big Picture: Food as Fuel


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
An Inuit never saw a carb in his/her lifetime. No bread, no kale, no sugar. How do you explain that away? Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I am just amazed by an article about High Performance Nutrition that is interupted in several places by an ad for Hershey's cookie bars. Surely there is some other sponsor who would fit better with this particular article! Report
WOW articles that aren't factual shouldn't be printed here ! Report
"Fact 1" is in fact completely FALSE. Phinney and Volek proved that carb-loading is a myth when athletes on their almost zero-carb diet performed as well if not better than athletes who carbo-loaded. When you don't have carbs to burn, your body turns to burning fat (which is the whole point behind your body storing fat in the first place - to provide energy reserves). Report

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