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Wake Up to the Importance of Exercise

Working Out Improves Sleeping Patterns


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I HIGHLY agree with this article !! I used to hardly fall to sleep. I joined the team Sleep Challenge here on SPARKs did it twice,,, using all of the suggestions and now I fall to sleep BEFORE my head hits the pillow!!! Exercise CLEARLY pays into this along doing yoga (beginners, some of them can be doing sitting in a chair !) and walking which is very difficult,,, I use a knee walker,,,, tomorrow going back into a cast,,, but if you have the desire, you CAN work around MOST issues in life. I DID check with my Dr first to make sure I wsn't going to hurt myself more, it was agreed upon that yes, I CAN do the walking and the yoga. Exercise DOES make all the difference, as well as cutting OUT ALL CAFFIENE ! If your saying "OH I could NOT do that ! I NEED my coffee, soda, energy drinks etc,,, think again. I talked yesterday to a young neighbor who was very excited in the vending machine we have here in the community room they are now carrying Mountain Dew, I asked him "how anxious are you? How do you sleep"? His answers to both were "I don't sleep well and I am a very angry person." I could relate, for once I gave UP the caffeine I settled WAY DOWN !!! NO longer as anxious as I was,,, as said I can now fall asleep as I lay my head down.

TY for this article ! Report

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