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The Dos and Don'ts of Efficient Fat-Burning


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WOW all I needed to know and I did not even know I needed to know this stuff! Thanks for feeding my brain with GREAT KNOWLDEGE to HELP me get to my goal! Report
Thanks for yet ANOTHER great article, Dean! This is stuff I can really use! Report
This article (among many here) has great information that I can use when asked for help and advice. I learned something new, too. Thank you! Report
Thanks once again for a superlative article, Coach Dean!

I'm continually working on strength and flexibility and lift (light) weights. But I hadn't considered the negative effect stress places on one's metabolism - thanks for the reminder. So relaxation, meditation, and such would have a positive effect on one's metabolism....surprising! Report
This article has some great reminders about successful weight loss. Five small meals a day has helped me quite a bit. Report
love it! Report
This really covered some points that I have been guilty of and gave me more insight as to why I was having a hard time losing weight... Basically, I was not eating enough and balancing out my calories incorrectly; eating very little during the day and then eating a complete dinner whereby my body was in the starvation mode most of the time... Report
Great article. All of these tips are really helpful!
When people ask me my secrets, I always say lifting weights and eating small and frequent meals. Report
Thank you for this information. I have resistence bands and used them a few times about a year ago. Now after being informed, I am going to watch the video and use them often in a straight chair at my computer. I now realize how important strength training is. Report
Thank you for this article. Included where so many wonderful points that are often overlooked. It motivates me just to read this!

JEN Report
Thank you, for this article. I knew all these things, but needed the reminder. It's just so easy to fall back into old habits....this is a good reminder of why we need to make these changes a lifestyle change and not a diet. Report
Wow. I didn't know those facts given in the building muscle segment. I've avoided weight training for a few reasons - no time, not interested, I'm already doing cardio, don't like the look of muscles that are too defined i.e. ripped abs, 'muscley' arms and legs. I prefer the sleek look. I know weight training doesn't have to lead to this but haven't spent much time thinking of it. Those facts change all this. I'm going to read more about weight training and then do it. Thanks. Report

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