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Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

Easy Moves that Keep You in the Game


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Learned 2 stretches to do to help heal after a really weird fall. They both helped and I still do them daily. Report
I am not a regular stretcher. Thank you for this. Report
I stretch after brushing my teeth! Report
Thank you for the links to the videos! Report
The muscles and joints definitely feel better after a good stretch. Report
Thank you Report
I love to stretch. I also have a routine that I do daily. Report
Thanks Report
Stretching is something I can still do after all these years. Makes me feel young again. Report
Stretching in the morning wakes up my body. Report
Good to know. Report
I have a stretching routine that I do daily. Report
Believe it or not but stretching is the favorite part of exercise. Report
Some great videos here! Report

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