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Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips


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Thanks for a great article. I have yet to meet my calories after a month of trying. I didn't know that for years my normal diet rangef between 500 - 800 calories a day. You'd think I'd be thin but I've actually gained to the point I joined SparkPeople. Here I'm watching calories for the first time. I'm trying to reach at least 1500 but haven't done it yet. I will, tho! Thanks, again! Report
This is when more is better, SparkFriends. Who doesn't want more?!?!?! Report
My Dr. told me to lose more weight, even tho I only weigh 155, to ward off diabetics. I find it hard to lose weight even staying within the range of 1200 a day like she asked me to do. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Some days are harder than others getting my calories in. I usually end up with at least a hundred or so calories shy of my range, Report
There is good advice besides history of experience here. Report
Amazing! Report
Thanks Report
For me this discussion as others I have seen most common is funny. I understand it is needed by the majority, but I never intend to become normal. I was raised with mostly organic fruit and vegetables, meat less than once a month and very little of the most dangerous addictive drug in the world - sugar.
During some years as a teenager and military life I became addicted to sugar, but ate mostly healthy food and had exercise with my normal work. I did gain some weight, but never above normal because I was always slender anyway. Since then, my weight has not changed 5 lbs in 50 years.
Thx forr the share! Report
Thank you. Report
Great article Report
Some interesting ideas! Report
awesome....thanks.... Report

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