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Drive-Thru Nutrition

Food That's Fast and Healthy


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thanks Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
All the yuckness. Try Zoes Kitchen instead! Much healthier selections with a kind of fast-food vibe. Report
"A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. ... Instead of a breakfast sandwich (English muffin with eggs, bacon, and cheese), order a bowl of fresh fruit, a fruit and yogurt parfait, oatmeal, cereal with milk..."

Uh, her description of the breakfast sandwich sounds much healthier/better to me than her "healthy" options, lol. I'll take basic carbs and protein over acidic & sugary fruit, sugary dairy, and unfilling, make-you-starving-in-an-hour cereal any day! Report
The options are helpful, but I very rarely get a burger. Mainly b/c of the fat and cholesterol issues. Actually, I am not that big a red meat eater for the most part. Usually I end up with grilled chicken -- either lettuce wrapped alternative or a salad with chicken in it -- and then a very light. Sometimes I may indulge in a small fries depending on the day. Report
Good article. Report
I think even the options chosen in the article are too high in fat yet. I cannot eat a burger and fries because I end up with the dumping syndrome because of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It seems the proportion of carbohydrates to protein are out of balance. I recently ate the fish sandwich at Arby's and ended up going to the bathroom 2-3 hours later. Report
I have a big Mac and French fries attack about 2 times a year. Report
Thanks for the tips Report
I am proud, I haven't been to a drive-thru in 11 months Report
Everything in moderation Report
What about Pizza is there a healthy pizza Report
What about Pizza is there a healthy pizza Report
Looking at the choices - original and the alternatives I can only think - why bother with either. I no longer have a sense of taste but these hit me in the gagging refex area.

Someone else suggested Chick a fil - I won't eat them (dry as dust) but Subway does offer a lot of options that actually (in memory) do pretty well on both calories and taste. Report
I was surprised that they didn't mention any veggie burger options in the article? Or even chicken instead of burgers? I love Harvey's (not sure if they are in the US but all over Canada) They make a fantastic veggie burger. Even my (die-hard carnivore) hubby had to admit they are like real burgers. A fraction on the calories and fat. Report

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