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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym

A Checklist for Fitness Facilities


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I have to pay each month. But I can pay several months at one time. Report
These are definitely things I considered before joining my fitness center and I am so happy, I did, SparkFriends. Report
Good tips Report
Excellent information. I would have never considered everything you point out here. Many thanks!! Report
Very good information. Report
Great info to think about! Report
Thanks Report
Gym of the outdoors Report
Very good information. Report
I like your recommendations.

I am only able to afford the gyms that my insurance pays for, but for the most part they fit your recommendations. The gyms closest to me are always nice and clean, though they might not have as much equipment as private gyms and aren't open as many hours as private gyms (I go to the city's recreation centers). One thing I have noticed is that the people at the recreation centers are much friendlier than the ones at the private gyms around here. So if people are retired or work hours that are other than the daytime hours they should look into the city facilities. Report
#1 is primary for me. I'm in Silver Sneakers so I can go to many different gyms but when Planet Fitness opened up two blocks from house, it became so much easier to go consistently. It's not my favorite gym but it's the easiest to get to so I'm able to go 3-4 times a week. I still go to my other gyms for the equipment and features they have but not as often. Report
Lots of good information here. Thank you for sharing! Report
good information Report

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