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The Importance of Setting Medium-Term Goals

A Reward System to Reach Your Dreams!


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thank you Report
Whatever it takes to stay motivated Report
Thank you for the information Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
Thank you. Report
Great. Report
Good advice. Report
Having goals can be such a huge help to success - in what ever way you define that. Report
Good info that to re read helps me get out of my own way Report
Mid term goals are my goal. Report
Good article. Report
Love reaching a mid term goal. Keeps me motivated. Report
I have long-term goals and daily tasks to accomplish them, but I like the idea of setting up medium-term goals. I think this might help me to stay motivated. As to rewards, I think a good one for me is to just stop and notice and appreciate to myself what I've accomplished before racing on to the next task on my endless to-do list.. And yes, everyone should do the dishes after every meal. But just to stop and say to myself how nice the clean kitchen looks. And thank myself for a job well done, is free and non-caloric and might do wonders for my mood and self-esteem. Report
Spark has a really good companion article for this one. Rewards are a basic part of learning theory & a good idea when we're establishing new behaviors.
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