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Is Your Diet Detrimental to Your Overall Health?


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Good information. Thanks for sharing. Report
The good old exchange plan that WW had years ago solves the problem. It requires a lot of cooking from whole foods, though, no packaged food, not much eating out. Report
Great info! Report
Fantastic article!!! Report
Great Report
good article Report
thanks for the most informative article. Report
I agree that all food groups are needed, and a multivitamin is a good thing to take. Report
a food plan really takes research and time Report
good one Report
Nice article Report
Nice article Report
Thank you for this great article! Report
I do not eat gluten, grains (except for once in a blue moon a little white rice) or sugar, and all my food is nutrient-dense, heavy on healthy fats INCLUDING saturated fat on organic meat. I am healthy as a horse at 67 years, and look 20 years younger. Canada's Food Guide and My Plate are the product of industry pressure on government, and dieticians are taught to follow their leads like blind sheep.

Read Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, and get enlightened. Report

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