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Is Your Diet Detrimental to Your Overall Health?


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Something to think about...Thx! Report
Interesting idea. Report
Very interesting. Report
Good article. Food for thought so to speak Report
Interesting article. I take a multiple vitamin, in addition to sticking with whole foods, and avoiding processed foods, carbs and sugar. This is what works for me Report
I truly believe you are what you eat. Report
Sensible balanced advice. Report
I track exchanges and prepare all my own food. It controls my weight and ensures that I get all the nutrients I need. Report
Good reasons to eat healthier. Report
Very informative article, constantly trying to have a balanced diet. Report
I know it's necessary to keep adding veggies and fruit to help get in some of the things I'm missing. Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
Good ideas - basically it comes down to an annual physical and common sense eating. Report
Thanks Report

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