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Build a Weight-Loss Wardrobe Without Spending a Fortune


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thanks Report
Very good info Report
I don't like wearing stretchy clothes. But good suggestions. Report
I had to be sure to take a friend with me to shop, someone who had more realistic eyes than I have. Report
I closet shop and also Invested in a sewing machine. I alter and/or re-purpose clothes and so glad I learned this. Not as hard as I thought. Report
It would sure help if clothing sizes were consistent. I got rid of a whole box of 1X slacks in tons of colors that were too baggy in the thighs. Meantime I have a bunch more that are perfect & a few snug but doable also marked 1X & other pants in XL & T-Lg that are perfect. Aggravating. I will be shopping my closet tho for a long time. Plenty of jeans & black slacks; then just wear different color tops. Report
Good ideas. Report
Thrift stores are a great way to supplement your wardrobe even when you reach your goal weight. Some thrift stores sell designer labels at rock bottom prices. Thanks for the information! Report
I, also shop "thrift stores." I find some very nice items. Report
I have so many clothes that I just closet shop. My thrill is donating the size I am too small for to the thrift store. Report
Thanks for the tips Report
Thank you Report
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
There is an app to buy and sell clothes at great prices, sell your's that not longer fit and buy what you need. I have been doing that myself the app is Report
Great article! And I so agree about thrift stores. Report

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