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The Healthy Vacation Guide

Eat and Exercise the Right Way, Away From Home


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Thanks Report
Great ideas. Healthy lifestyle is one of the best gifts you can give your self Report
Going on holiday in August so this was a good article to save and refer to! A few good tips I hadn't thought of yet. When I book the hotels I want to see if they have gyms for weight work. Otherwise, walking, resistance bands and yoga will be the majority of my exercise. Eating well and having good snacks will be essential and the big one WATER~ Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
lots of preplanning helps you control your trips. Report
Trip weight is my main issue right now. A full, tiring schedule, restaurant meals, then long hours in a car--I always regain 2-4 pounds per trip. It seems they are just off again when the next trip comes up. I love to travel, but the weight swings are frustrating. Report
Great article with good suggestions. Report
Fantastic and wise suggestions. These are things I learned from my parents when we'd go on road trips or fly somewhere. Report
My parents used to do a lot of these (my old man didn't like eating restaurants) .One time outside of Jasper we had made bologna sandwiches with fresh ingredients we bought in town - was one of the best lunches we ever had (right by Patricia Lake). Report
good advice Report
Great job Report
Good article Report
Great tips Report
I agree with the negative comments on air travel-these days it's stressful. Old enough to remember so much better. It was actually fun getting there. Today we have an old dog and the travel we do is by car so he can be with him. I'm allergic to so many things we always pack a cooler or two. That way we don't have to worry about restaurant choices and we almost always split meals. Vacation for us means exploring and these days due to other limitations it's on foot - but it's always fun and still educational. Report

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