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5 Things You Must Do If You've Given up on Fitness Before


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Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Report
Really good to know. Report
good information Report
we all know (or are) people who have violated one or more of these maxims. Great article. Report
Thank you for sharing Report
Great article! Report
If we listen to the negative voice in our head, it is tempting to quit. BUT noe of the reasons to quit are rational, so, make yourself a list of pros and cons for continuing on. Guaranteed your pro list is going to be lots longer. Report
we all can find a reason to quit. None of the reasons/excuses are logical Report
This came at just the right time. I'd given up on exercise due to changes in my life and was looking to jump back in. Thanks so much for the tips. Report
Thanks Report
Starting over is a good thing. Report
I'm glad I read this before the doctor releases me to start exercising again. Thank you! Report
great article Report
great article Report

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