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Can Exercise Take the Knee and Back Pain Away?


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I would love to be able to do these types of exercise, but I am unable to get down on the floor. The only time I'm on the floor is if I've fallen. Then I have a very difficult time getting off the floor. Report
I can do most of these workouts. Report
Helpful information! Thank you Report
thanks Report
Always worth a second look to be sure done correctly.. Report
I needed this information Report
Did you mean to say "without" in this sentence: "In studies where participants did exercises for low back pain without education on its root causes, the evidence that patients were helped was significantly reduced." ? Report
Helpful information! Report
I've bee prescribed a modified version of a couple of these in PT. Report
these are some really great ideas. I have only tried a few of these before Report
Definitely going to try some of things. Lower back pain sucks Report
Thanks for the information Report
Thanks Report
Good tips Report

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