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Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?

7 Ways to Fight Back Against Your Indecisiveness


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great ideas Report
nice article Report
Good ideas. Thanks. Report
I plan my work, then I work my plan. It's my plan and my work. Report
This is a really helpful article. I get overwhelmed by decisions sometimes. Report
Especially difficult with depression. These are good reminders when you finally are able to come up for air. Report
I try to declutter papers from my house, but the idea of also decluttering my mind of repeat decisions is GREAT! This was a good article with much to think about. My friend who had a full time job always shopped on Friday nights and Hubby treated her to a meal out. She had a standing appointment to have her hair done every Saturday. Sunday afternoon, she cooked for the week so that she could come home and fix a hot meal every night. She still had time to have people over for a meal as well as help her church. It would be a little too set for me, but I could do some of the things that she did to get organised. Her house was always clean and Hubby did the lawns and helped her too. :0) Report
Love the idea of the matching workout gear. I hate making decisions about clothing! Report
Great article thanks Report
very interesting article, I already look ahead at menu's online. being vegan, it's not always easy ordering at a restaurant. sometimes I'll even call ahead to see if I can make substitutions to a meal, don't take it for granted that you can. Report
I'm just at the beginning of all this but I have breakfast tackled, getting better at lunches and now to work on that 3 meals a week thing. I feel validated and inspired by this. Thank you!! Report
Sometimes I take a day or two off from thinking about it and the solution becomes clear Report
Sometimes I take a day or two off from thinking about it and the solution becomes clear Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Great ideas! Report

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