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7 Places Germs Hide at Your Gym

Where They Lurk & How to Avoid Them


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Great article! Report
Great article. I really wish gyms would post. Report
@2BDYNAMIC, Thx you for your input. It both made me laugh and feel grossed out at the same time. Report
great, thanks. Report
worth thinking about Report
Yuk! Thanks! Report
Very interesting. Good article. Report
Thanks for these tips. Report
Great article Report
thanks Report
Our bodies are barely able to even resist germs anymore thanks to excessive cleaning. Simple is best. I do agree about the pool though.. we are so thankful for a private pool at home. Report
I could not help notice the women's locker room and shower area at my gym frequently had pools of water, a breeding ground for bacteria. Even though I have 'water shoes' this really turned me off; I live close to the gym, and prefer to shower at home. (Also---a staff member told a good friend some very unsavory things about the pool and the water; apparently grown adults were using the pool as a potty. I know---TMI but ignorance is not bliss in my opinion---and I have not been able to sink into the murky waters since. Report

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