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11 Tips to Help You Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

You Could Reach Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight without Reducing Your Milk Supply


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What a wonderful article. Thanks so much for sharing. Report
thanks Report
Wow, wish I had this article when I was nursing my kid. I did drink LOTS of water, though - I could feel myself dehydrating while nursing. Report
Great Article for a new mom! Report
Wow, what an informative, balanced and well researched article. Thank you so much. Articles like this are why I come to Sparkpeople. Report
I am a new mother of a beautiful baby boy and I was 173 pounds when gave birth to my little one. I was 135 pounds before my pregnancy. I used to drink Mummy magic weight loss tea and after two months I was nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Report
For more interesting information on Parenting visit - Report
This article was so so helpful! I had no idea about the maternal fat stores. Thanks for sharing. Report

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