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The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

Flattering Styles for Every Figure


Leave a Comment Return to Article, pear shaped body, and then you put the bathing suit on women that don’t have that body shape at all. This article isn’t useful if I can’t see what it looks like on women with those body types. Geez, make thick women feel they don’t deserve to be shown, why don’t you? Report
I have similar comments to others, please use more realistic body types when showing these kind of clothing articles. I read this to get some idea of types of suits to try. The advice was ok, but models used weren't helpful at all. So I guess best advice is try on and have someone who is honest with you to help. Also in our area there is a company that is fantastic they help and give honest feedback. Report
Really.....advertised swimwear using thin models on a weight loss website, get real or get off!!! Report
Really.....advertised swimwear using thin models on a weight loss website, get real or get off!!! Report
Thank you for sharing this information. It really helps women to select best swimsuit for them according to their body shape. Besides this one should also consider the comfort level and quality of swimwear. With the swimsuit accessories should also be matched accordingly, like pairing a swimwear with sunglasses. At that time sunglasses should be selected according to face shape to look stylish. To find more information about sunglasses visit,
nglasses ,, etc.. Report
I don’t look like that! Report
thanks Report
Please! If you are going to advertize this as a way to make every body type look good, use models who are ACTUALLY those body types! Report
found a great suit on Report
How is any of this helpful for all but thin model types. Seems to me the very definition of “Apple” shape is lost in translation. Heaven forbid they actually show someone who is a more than a size 8 Report
This is a weight loss site but all you show are skinny models? Where are the plus size suits? Report
It would be great to see some "middle-aged" "plus-sized" models. Report
I agree with most of the comments. I have one bathing suit. It must be at least 10 years old. I don't swim so when I go walking along the beach, (1 1/2 mile from Lake Michigan). I just wear my cut off shorts and t-shirt. This works for me. (This way I way I eliminate the stress of finding a swim suit.) Report
I bought the Zando swimdress. It's very flattering on this near 60 year old body and very comfortable to wear. Report
Seriously?? I don’t look like any of those 21 year old size 0 models! This article was not helpful to me. Report

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