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13 Shortcuts to Eat Five Fruits & Veggies Per Day


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My daughter is not a vegetable fan, she purees cooked vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, etc.) and makes a sauce, seasoned to her tastes to pour over other vegetables like cauliflower or cabbage (2 veggies she will eat), green beans, veg. spaghetti, etc. and it can also be used as topping for brown rice or chicken. Report
One tip from me: I like vegetables well enough, but don't always like them plain. I cut up bite size pieces of radishes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery, etc. in a bowl and add a light vinaigrette dressing. (mine is made with a vinegar solution drained from pickled peppers, salt, pepper, herbs, onion powder, minced garlic and a low or no calorie sweeteners such as agave or honey.) You could even add flax seed or other supplements to the dressing. I also make a creamy dressing from Greek Yogurt (with similar seasonings) from time to time. Use as a dip or a dressing. I make up only what I think I can eat in a day since the vinegar solution breaks down the vegetables crunchiness over time. I have even added this mixture to my salads for lunch (I sometimes use any leftovers from the day before) or dinner and have put it into pitas or wraps and have added quinoa or rice or chicken for a full meal. It is always ready and flavored when I want or need a quick snack. I make these 'snack packs' up 1 - 3 times a week, but could be made everyday if you like. Report
NJC, I have the same problem! I want to buy at the farmer's market but things are sold in bulk so some of it invariably goes bad before I can eat it ... especially if I don't want an apple or sweet potatoes at every meal. It looks like the article they linked to for storage ideas might help. Report
I'm a very picky eater, but I have been getting better at sneaking veg into things like mince, such as finely grated swede, carrots or parsnip (although parsnips have a lot of cals for a veg!) We only have a small freezer at the top of our fridge, but if I can stick to this healthy eating lark for good, I think I'll have to invest in a small seperate freezer eventually. I've started freezing tomatoes, especially since I found out how easy it is to skin them! Report
This article is far more use than all the cookie recipes. Instead of eating a cookie have a piece of fruit -fewer calories and no fat! Report
This article is great. The trouble I find is that being single and losing weight can be tough. I live by myself and my fridge is huge, but for one person to go through ALL of the foods that I have, I find it tough to keep track of it all. Are there any recommendations on the best ways to maintain all of the fruits and vegetables without it going bad?
For instance I buy smaller amounts of produce, or I do my best to buy frozen vegetables and fruits so that I can maintain them longer. But I like zucchini and I like my bell peppers and sometimes they do not come out better after being frozen. Report
If you're going to buy those pre-cut or pre-chopped greens or vegetables, don't forget to wash them well or you may end up losing weight for a different reason!

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