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5 Secrets of Naturally Thin People

What You Can Learn From Their Best Habits


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I'm not so sure about this article Report
thanks Report
Not factual Report
The article title is a bit misleading. However, some good ideas/suggestions come up! I do have a bit of the lucky genetics going on. However, I eat healthy foods and I eat smaller meals through the day. I don't drink alcohol, take vitamins, drink a ton of water every day and get 6-7 hours of sleep a day concentrated usually. I am a bit fidgety minded and exercise 2 hours a day. It's all in perspective though~ Report
Good info Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thank you Report
Very interesting article, I am going to watch myself. Report
Drinking noncaloric drinks is my secret. Report
I am one of those "naturally thin" people. I have been thin my whole life as was my Daddy's side of the family. We all are constant movers and fidgeters. Later in years, after lots of fast food and junk food, I realized that you can eat whatever you want but you won't be a healthy thin. I believe that genes are a factor, but eating fruits and veggies and limited meats are a big part. Also lots of movement. After years of all that fast food I did gain weight, but it was all in my belly...(my cholesterol skyrocketed too) now I'm back to shunning fast foods and eating and enjoying my fruits and veggies. I walk about 3 miles every day and still keep moving around through the day (my body aches and gets stiff if I sit for long periods). Thank you for the article. Report
Good to know Report
I think the term naturally thin is a misnomer in this contex, I know quite a few people that are naturally thin, and they don't do any of these things, they are for the most part energetic people, but they eat what they want, overeat often and don't eat healthy, none of them are very good sleepers, but they do move a lot. I think the correct title for this is something to the effect of maintaining a thin lifestyle, you are not naturally thin if you have to work at it all the time. Report
I appreciate this article, however, I did all of these things consistently for 5 years and ended up 30lbs overweight :( Now I am trying to do what those people who are not so genetically blessed do. Deliberate portion control, cardio and strength exercises at least 200 minutes a week, enforcing a strict bedtime. I am finally seeing results. Some of us just have to be more deliberate about weight control, and that's okay too. Report
I was always frustrated with 'naturally thin' (term is used loosely) people, until I lost most of my weight. I observed thin people and what they did or didn't do. One of my discoveries was that they were just simply more balanced.

I am compulsive and do everything in extreme measures--including eating. I discovered my flaw in this aspect and am still struggling with my negative compulsiveness, only now I try to channel my compulsive tendencies into a better, healthy lifestyle. Report

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