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Do an Exercise a Day for a Fantastic Butt

A Fitness Plan for an Awesome Rear View


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thanks Report
Great article Report
Not being critical but I'm a proofreader, and on Saturday, you say do a reverse back lunge with your right leg and reach for the floor with the opposite hand. But in the picture, the right hand is reaching for the floor and the right leg is doing the back lunge. Report
I love these simple exercises that I can do just about anytime of day. Report
Butt.....yes, I want one to look good....but....hahaha Report
Easy on the knees! Good ones though. Report
You will find true love and happiness if you do these, lol. Report
Definitely something I want Report
I would love to see some exercises which don't require kneeling. With two artificial knees, that is no longer feasible for me. Report
KHSJBEACH right click on the picture of the workouts and paste it into word. Then print. The pic and wording may be a little fuzzy but you can get the idea to workout from. Report
A great home workout Report
Great article! Report
Great Report

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