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Do an Exercise a Day for a Fantastic Butt

A Fitness Plan for an Awesome Rear View


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Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart. —NATIVE AMERICAN ~ 4/21/18 Report
Thanks Report
Great article. Report
Thanks! How long before I get a butt like Cardi B? Report
Easy Peesy Bootie Squeezy!!! Report
I can do these. Now let's go! Report
Hmmm....I thought a big muscle group like the glutes needed a rest day in between workouts instead of an exercise a day as the article implies....?

Great exercises ideas though! Report
Thanks Report
good exercises thanks for sharing! Report
Do these and all your dreams will come true. Men too, lol. Report
I can get a cute butt while cooking. Thanks for sharing. Report
great ideas for me Report
thanks Report
Great article Report
Not being critical but I'm a proofreader, and on Saturday, you say do a reverse back lunge with your right leg and reach for the floor with the opposite hand. But in the picture, the right hand is reaching for the floor and the right leg is doing the back lunge. Report

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